Transmutation is a technical term for the phenomenon by which one object becomes another, usually unrelated, object.

Examples Edit

When a Pawn reaches the opposite end of the Chessboard, it can be transmuted into any other piece of the same color, or indeed a different Pawn. (This is usually called "promotion.")

Take a spare figurine from your figurines trove. If you don't have enough of a particular figurine, craft one.

If all eight of a player's starting Pawns become Kings without any of those Kings going into Checkmate, the game is won.

The most popular form of transmutation is ascension.

In the apocryphal game of Checkers, a piece that reaches the opposite end may be "kinged"; this may be a case of transmutation, but further research into the game of Checkers is a heresy.

Rice cakes are known to be transmuted into donuts if they cross the energy barrier that divides the Pacific Ocean.

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