Fear is an attribute in the game of Chess. All Pieces have a fear value statistic, typically starting at 50.

Fear modifiers:

  • When a piece scores its first kill, its Fear stat increases by 20. This value is slightly modified depending on the number of witnesses.
  • All future kills decrease the Fear stat by 30.
  • Fear is increased by 10 whenever a piece witnesses the death of a piece within its own army.
  • All Fear effects on Pawns are run through a 2x multiplier.
  • A piece surrounded by pieces of its own colour loses Fear.
  • A piece surrounded by pieces of the opposite colour gains Fear.
  • Ghosts are a common late-game source of Fear.
  • Equinophobic pieces gain Fear when adjacent to a Horsey.
  • The Bishop is God-Fearing.
  • The Djinn increases nearby pieces' Fear.
  • Fear itself causes increases to Fear.

Fear has no known effect on gameplay.