e5 is a notorious Square on the Chessboard famed for actually being a miniature Chessboard in and of itself. The first time any piece 'lands' here, temporarily remove the piece from the board in order to not disturb the miniature pieces set up on this square. Then, both players must complete a game of Chess within e5. The outcome of this smaller game does not affect the larger game, but is necessary in order to clear the Square. All Squares and Pieces within e5 are marked with a *, for example e5*.

Until the smaller game is completed, e5 is considered not to have a colour. Afterwards, it is black.

Naturally, e5*, the e5 of the e5 board, is itself a Chessboard and the same rule applies therein. Squares and Pieces within e5* are of course marked with two *s; Squares and Pieces within e5** are marked with three *s, and cetera.